I wanted to post a quick note about our annual meeting we held this past Sunday. I am so encouraged to see the life that is happening at our church and how we celebrated that during our meeting. I am prayerfully anticipating what the rest of this year ahead will look like for us as we navigate forward. God is up to some amazing things and I am looking forward to partnering with Him and you in the days ahead!

I am also excited about our recent election of board members as well. We had a total of three board positions up for election, with one of the positions a new seat on the board. Duaine Dodsworth remains our Sunday School / New Building / Treasure Champion, Keith Chapman is our new Facilities Champion and Aldor Cruz is our New Spanish Ministries Champion. Aldor leads the Spanish Congregation and does a great job. We needed a voice on the board that represents them and I am confident this will be a great addition to our board to provide leadership and insight as we move forward.

God is so good and there are great days ahead! Let’s be praying together for the Lord’s leading as we navigate these days ahead.

Serving Him with you,

Pastor Ben Beckner

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